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What are the requirements for pulp molding in the 56 billion takeaway tableware market?

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Update time : 2022-03-16
Pulp Molding Tableware Market
The booming online ordering market has made the plant fiber molding industry eagerly anticipated, and it has also made major companies pay close attention to the layout. Many of companies are increasing their investment and are entering this market through product innovation and technological innovation.
pulp molding tableware
pulp molding tableware
After several years of rapid development in China's food delivery market, the food delivery industry chain has gradually improved, and the food delivery market has gradually matured.

According to data from iiMedia Research, in 2018, the scale of Chinese food delivery users increased by 17.4% compared with 2017, reaching 358 million people. The overall market size in 2019 will exceed 280 billion yuan.

According to the data from the China Food Delivery Industry Development Report released by the Meituan Research Institute in June 2020, the scale of China's food delivery industry in 2019 was 653.6 billion yuan, which is close to another online data.
◆ According to data from iiMedia Research, 54.3% of users in first- and second-tier cities order takeout once or more, and 26.6% of users in third- and fourth-tier cities. iiMedia Research Consulting analysts believe that with the relative increase in the personal disposable income of low- and middle-income groups, the consumption habits of residents in third- and fourth-tier cities will be strengthened in the future.

◆ According to public data: the total number of orders on the three major food delivery platforms is more than 20 million; the environmental protection organization found that an average of 3.27 disposable plastic packaging boxes/cups are consumed for each takeaway. By 2020, according to relevant data from CCTV Financial News In 2020, the overall order volume of food delivery nationwide will reach 17.12 billion orders, and the transaction scale of the national food delivery market will reach 835.2 billion yuan, requiring 56 billion disposable lunch boxes.

◆'s research shows that pulp molding tableware food delivery users have higher requirements for meal quality, and packaging quality is positively correlated with the repurchase rate of meals.
take away tableware pulp molding tableware
pulp molding take away tableware 

The above information comes from different sources, but they all show that food delivery packaging is a huge market that already exists and is growing rapidly. So, what are the requirements for packaging in the food delivery market, and what points should the designers of the plant fiber molding industry pay attention to when planning and designing products? The following three principles of pulp molding food delivery packaging design work for your reference:
1: Good takeaway packaging needs to satisfy basic packaging needs
Need to have these characteristics:
1, in line with the characteristics of food
If the packaging is not strict, it will cause leakage, which will greatly affect the customer's consumption experience. It may not only bring bad reviews, but also lead to loss of users. The pulp molding tableware of barbecue has always been a problem, especially when the weather is relatively cold, once the packaging is neglected, it will have a great impact on the temperature and taste of the barbecue. Once the skewers are cold, bad reviews will come. Merchants can use tin foil packaging to ensure thermal insulation. Or you can choose barrels, because it is relatively airtight, and then a lid is added, which greatly improves the thermal insulation function and solves the problem of stickers.

2, in line with temperature characteristics
Both thermal insulation and cooling need to be considered, and different items, different materials and sealing properties need to be treated, and sometimes even different methods are used. For example, use products that are not easy to dissipate heat to heat products that dissipate heat quickly.
pulp molding tableware
pulp molding tableware
3, in line with the processing methods
Takeaway efficiency, any part of packaging that reduces processing efficiency will greatly reduce your profitability, such as multi-grid lunch boxes. You can only pack and deliver in order after receiving the order. It is not suitable for this kind of unscheduled on-site order, packing and delivery method, which greatly reduces the efficiency and is prone to errors. With separate packaging for meals like the current one, you can do the boxing work before receiving the order, and package and deliver directly after receiving the order, which greatly increases the speed of meal delivery.

4, in line with packaging methods
Most takeaways use plastic bags instead of pulp molding tableware bags. Because the paper bags can't be stacked, so the space for stacking in the store is larger and the space efficiency is improved. The delivery brother can also put more boxes, which improves the human efficiency of the delivery staff. Under the background of the national plastic ban, many traditional packaging will withdraw from the market, and new entrants must also consider these factors.

5, in line with the convenience of eating
For example, in the later upgraded small bowl of dishes, customers can not only eat two or more main dishes for each meal, but the meals are separated, which meets the requirements of users to eat on the table.

6. Conform to transportation convenience and pleasant appearance
Choose a pulp molding tableware machine packaging box with a suitable size and shape. When arranging the lunch boxes in the kitchen, the floor efficiency of the store can be improved; during delivery, due to the limited volume of the takeaway delivery box, you should maximize the use of this pulp molding tableware delivery box and put as many as possible. a meal in.

And during delivery, the takeaway brother is on the road and has to stop in a hurry, which can easily cause the food to leak sideways, so the sealing must be good. There are many lunch boxes used by brands, all of which have a waist seal design to ensure that the meals are not leaked during the transportation process, and at the same time improve the appearance.

pulp molding tableware machine
2: Enhance the user experience within the cost budget
However, the cost of packaging must match the unit price of the customer. If the merchants take the cost-effective route, the packaging should be simple and practical, and avoid superfluous accessories such as cartons and girdle seals that are more decorative than functional.

The first reason is that the cost ratio is too high, which reduces the gross profit of the store. The biggest reason for customers to consume is not the packaging but the cheap price.

The second reason is that low-cost per-unit-price stores belong to high-frequency consumer goods, and the overly complicated packaging creates too much garbage, causing a psychological burden on consumers. If the merchant belongs to the category of ultra-high customer unit price, such as casserole porridge, crayfish, meat crab pot, the price of these basic items is more than 90 yuan.

The gross profit per order can reach more than 40 yuan for takeaways with an average actual customer unit price of more than 90 yuan. Just increasing the packaging cost by 2 to 3 yuan can greatly improve the user experience and the satisfaction of high consumption. It has a strong positive impact on the store's brand image, repurchase rate and promotion. On the contrary, careless packaging will make it difficult for consumers to remember it again, and it will be easily replaced by competing merchants, which is not worth the loss.
pulp molding bowl
pulp molding tableware 
3: Do not over-package, do not increase the consumption burden of users
Whether the packaging is excessive, everyone has a perception, is there a specific standard to judge?

The key is functionality. As long as it is useful and usable to the user, the packaging that can improve the user experience does not belong to excessive packaging. If only to show the brand attributes of the material, add redundant actions, generate too much garbage, cause the psychological burden of consumers, the packaging is excessive.

In fact, customers are more concerned about taste and food safety than whether they look good or not. Compared with whether it is compelling, what customers care about most is whether the function is healthy or not.
pulp molding tableware
For takeaway shops, pulp molding tableware packaging is only one aspect of increasing the order quantity, and the most important thing is to pay attention to the dishes themselves. If the taste of the dishes is in place and the packaging is appropriate, then the evaluation of the single quantity of the store will naturally increase.
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