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Who We Are
Who We Are
The Leader Brand of China Pulp Molding !
HGHY based out of Guangzhou Science City, is into Pulp Molding Complete Solutions excelling in creating world class sustainable molded packaging products for many diversified applications, such as food packaging trays for egg, fruit, drinks and wine; one-off food service items like plates, bowls, lunchboxes and clamshells; and all kinds of protective and branding packaging for consumer electronics, cosmetics, home appliances and many industrial products.
Today, HGHY is standing out by 2 series of technology. One for the Dry Type, the world class double rotary forming machine is capable of making 55 blowoffs per minute; another for Wet Type, the all-in-one thermoforming machine is capable of making zero degree drafting in molding accuracy. Both technologies has been selling well over past decades, known for excellent efficiency, performance and reliability.
Thanks to the dedicated sales and engineering team, HGHY has helped more than 300 clients in over 60 countries setting up their plants with leading capacity and superior quality production, and have been rewarded with abundant know-how and expertise, which ensuring higher level of service on helping our customers to gain greater success. Our experience of working with Industry leaders like fortune 500 companies will get you value and peace of mind deliveries.
Wet Type
Wet forms get dried in molds from hotpress.
Raw material is usually from virgin paper pulp fiber.
Up to 1 ton/day Easy-To-Operate Auto Robot Disposable Tableware Line
Up to 120,000 pcs/day Negative Buckle Pulp Cup and Lid Line
0 Draft Angle Molded Pulp Thermoforming Consumer Packaging Line
Dry Type
Wet forms get dried in hot air from drying line.
Raw material is usually from recycled paper and carton.
Up to 12,000 pcs/hour Double Rotary Egg Tray Line
Well Known 4,000 to 6,000 pcs/hour Rotary Egg Tray Line
Up to 7000 pcs/hour In-Line Afterpress Egg Carton Line
Flexible and Energy-Efficient Molded Pulp Packaging Line
Guangzhou Head Office
Located in the Science City, east of Guangzhou, about 1 hour drive from Baiyun International Airport. Servicing for project design, chief engineering, after-sales service, sales and marketing, financial, human resource and top managements.
Foshan Machinery Plant
Located in the Datang Industrial Park of Foshan, about 1 hour drive from Baiyun International Airport. Servicing for in-house machinery design and R&D, manufacturing, assembly, quality management, test-run, installation start-ups, engineering and commissioning.
Zhaoqing and New Complex
Located in the Dawang National High&New Tech Zone of Zhaoqing, about 1.5 hour drive from Baiyun International Airport. Servicing for in-house technology R&D, mold design and manufacturing. A New Complex is under construction in the nearby area.
High-Tech Strength
Founded with the joint venture of Prof. Hellen Wu and South China University of Technology (SCUT), HGHY gains excellent R&D support from both methods and techniques. More than 20 years of dedication, a stable R&D team to ensure HGHY consistently leading in the technological position of pulp molding industry.
High-Tech Strength
For several national pulp molding industrial standards.
The Only Company in China
Who first produced and installed high speed double rotary for customer with 55 blowoffs per min.
The First Developer in China
For small drafting angle molding and large capacity pulp thermoforming all-in-one machines;
The First Afterpress in China
Was developed successfully from HGHY.
Standards And Certificate
Standards of China Pulp Molding
Participated in drawing up Chinese Standard for Molded Pulp Product of Industrial Package.
Hosted the establishing of Chinese Machine Standard for Automatic Molded Pulp Egg Tray Production Line.
Hosted the establishing of Chinese Machine Standard for Pulp Molding Industrial Packaging Production Line.
Participated in drawing up Chinese Machine Standard for Disposable Molded Fiber Tableware Production Line.
Participated in drawing up Chinese Standard for Pulp Molding Product of Egg Tray.
Winning of Awards
China High Tech Enterprise
Vice President of China Pulp Molding Assoc.
Famous Brand of China Packaging Industry
Member of World Pulp Molding Association.
Little Giant of Science & Technology in Guangzhou
Key Support High Growth SMPEs in Guangdong
7 Years in a row as Trustworthy Ent. in Guangdong
Elite award for Transaction of achievement
Patents and Certifications
6 Designs of High & New Tech Product
20 Designs of Invention Patents
15 Designs of Software Copyright Patents
2 Designs of Appearance Patents
100 More Designs of Intellectual Patents
16 Models of CE Certifications
More Increasing Every Year
How We Can Help
Project Planning
Communicate by heart,Adequately understands your PROJECT REQUIREMENTS
Custom Design
Professional team, specially tailor-made for you THE COMPLETE DESIGN
Well-established system, to provide strengthful guarantee FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY
Project Planning
Abundant experience, To offer better technical support FOR INSTALLATION SUCCESS
Sincere collaboration, mature project management brings SATISFACTORY HANDOVER
After Sale
Patience and carefulness, To offer more comprehensive TRAINING AND AFTERSALE SUPPORTS
Company Culture
Our Mission
To develop green packaging technologies consistently.
Our Vision
To be in a leading position in pulp molding industry with our equipment and technology.To build a long- lasting international brand.
Our Value
Respect Work / Keep Improving Adore Integrity / Uphold Win-Win Be Result Oriented / Kindness and Gratitude
Worldwide Clients
Saudi Arabia
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