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Behind Chanel's N°5 limited-edition pulp molding packaging

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Update time : 2021-11-05

Knoll creates secondary packaging for limited-edition Chanel N°5

To support the launch of Chanel’s limited-edition Chanel Factory 5 collection – celebrating Chanel N°5's 100th anniversary – Knoll Packaging has helped create the eco-friendly, bottle-hugging packaging for the iconic fragrance.

This project, which took over 18 months to develop, is not only an engineering feat, but also redefines the benchmark for sustainable luxury packaging.
To replace the traditional packaging boxes, Chanel partnered with Knoll Packaging to create a bottle-hugging pack made from 100% Knoll Ecoform, a material comprised of FSC-certified bamboo and sustainable bagasse.
The company noted that a high level of technical expertise was required to form the material into the shape of the iconic bottle.

The brand wanted to develop a modern, simple blister shape, a sort of shell, that would house a 100ml format of the Chanel N°5 bottle. 
The initial brief didn’t necessarily call for pulp, but we quickly identified it as an ideal solution from a technical and sustainable standpoint, so we didn’t explore other options. 

So based on their brief and their initial concept, we proposed our pulp innovation made of a combination of 60% FSC bamboo and 40% bagasse fibers. 

The material was a perfect fit as it’s smooth and flexible, so easy to form and weighs in at just less than 30 grams. The shade of white and the smoothness of the surface can both also be adjusted to suit aesthetic and tactile specifications.
It was likewise an engineering feat to build in a ‘snap’ feature, to help keep it closed.

“We anticipate our customers will follow in these footsteps as we continue to push the whole industry forward to achieve this new standard of sustainable packaging.”

We’ve seen a huge acceleration when it comes to implementing more sustainable materials, including complete packaging redesigns over the last year. 
We are now 99% plastic free in our production. Retailers also are showing a tremendous momentum in this area by choosing not to sell items whose packaging includes a certain amount of plastic, and in some case any plastic at all. Even lamination can be a problem for certain retailers.

The pulp molding packaging is made of FSC-certified bamboo and bagasse (waste from sugarcane), while the package itself is biodegradable and recyclable, reduce environmental pollution.
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