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How to use up a sugarcane: Bagasse pulp turn into pulp molding, the market is in short supply

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Update time : 2021-11-10
In the past ten years, everyone has not paid much attention to the pulp molding industry, however, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness and the establishment of the dual-carbon goal, plastic reduction and banning have become very clear trends. In this case, the explosive growth of degradable lunch box using bagasse pulp as raw material.
Do you know how to use up a sugarcane?
Sugarcane, a by-product produced in the sugar production process, can be pulped into bagasse pulp,and then bagasse pulp is used to make pulp molds. So as to realize the full cycle development of sugarcane. Sugarcane pulp tableware uses sugar-squeezed bagasse as raw material instead of traditional petroleum-derived plastic or foam. It is currently recognized as 100% eco-friendly and 100% degradable tableware by global.
The entire production process is divided into nine major steps: raw material - pulping - deflaker & refiner - proportioning - providing - forming & trimming - disinfecting - finished product (packaged sale). The tableware is produced by HGHY pulp molding tableware equipment can completely degrade into carbon dioxide and water within 30-90 days. It is compostable and degradable.
Sugarcane pulp tableware is not only so environmentally and friendly, but also very safe. Imported oil repellent, ultrasonic papermaking, 350 degrees Celsius ultraviolet high-temperature hot-press sterilization, vacuum operation workshop, mechanical and manual inspection, etc. Ensure the safety standards and quality of the product. It can be used in microwave ovens, ovens and refrigerators.It also can resist 100 ℃ hot water or 120 ℃ hot oil and is safe to use, non-toxic and harmless.
Our customers are mainly from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries. The absolute proportion of exports is the norm for pulp molding companies. On the one hand, the concept of environmental protection was formed early in foreign countries, as well as pulp molding are easier to satisfy demand for Western dishes. Therefore, the demand for foreign orders is large. On the other hand,it affected by the relevant regulations on the export tax rebate of domestic pulp molding products, the economic benefits of pulp molding export business will be more economical.

With the adjustment of environmental protection policies, many countries have also made it clear that they will reduce plastics, limit plastics or even ban plastics, and the pulp molding industry will usher in the development trend.

In the tableware application market, the cost of pulp molding products and plastic products are very similar. At present, the price of plastic food boxes is in the range of 16000-23000 yuan/ton according to different materials and production requirements, besides the price of pulp molding boxes is in the range of 17000-24000 yuan/ton.
In addition to the application in the food field, pulp molding also have great prospects in industrial packaging, including ordinary industrial packaging shock-proof products,like Household appliances appliances packaging, electronic packaging and handicrafts packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetics packaging, digital products packaging and other exquisite high-grade lining or outer packaging products, etc.

In the future, with the further adjustment of environmental protection policies in various countries, plastic products will gradually be replaced by biodegradable products, and the pulp molding industry is set to experience a revolutionary growth.
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