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What pulp molding bring to the world?

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Update time : 2021-09-03
With the development of the world economy, the rational use of earth resource and the natural protection of the human living environment have received increasing global attention. Protecting resources and the environment, creating a good space for survival and development, is the basic strategy for implementing the sustainable development strategy and realizing the stable development of the global economy. 
While plastic products bring convenience to mankind, they also produce serious "white pollution", which has become a major social problem in today's world. Therefore, mankind has begun to challenge the traditional old road of "pollution first, treatment later", develop green and environmentally friendly alternative products, and fundamentally eliminate white pollution.

At present, from an international point of view, it is difficult for all plastic product packaging materials to enter the international market. Many countries in Europe and the United States have explicitly banned the use of plastic packaging and tableware; from the domestic situation, such as Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen and railways Ministry and others have also issued laws banning non-degradable foam tableware. 
A global reform of plastic packaging products is gradually emerging, and the green packaging of "replacing plastic with paper" will become the development trend of the world packaging industry. It is under this trend that a new type of green packaging-pulp molded packaging was born.

Compared with traditional packaging, this kind of packaging has irreplaceable advantages, when the overall size of the new pulp box packaging is slightly larger than that of the traditional handmade box packaging, the overall weight and various quantities are less than that of the traditional handmade box. In contrast, in their respective production processes, the waste water and electricity consumption in production of molded pulp packaging are less than traditional manual boxes. Due to the integral molding characteristics of molded pulp packaging during production, the overall energy consumption is only 40% of that of traditional handmade boxes. In terms of raw materials, traditional packaging is inseparable from wood, but all raw materials for pulp molded packaging are derived from bagasse, which puts almost zero pressure on the environment.
Globally, according to statistics, 42% of plastics are used for packaging, most of which are only used for one-time use. Therefore, problems caused by plas tic pollution in the ecosystem are long-term and lasting. The recycling rate of plastics is only 10%, which means that 90% of plastics are incinerated, landfilled or directly discarded into the natural environment. Plastics usually take 20 to 400 years, or more, to decompose. The fragments or microplastics produced by the decomposed plastic will remain in the atmospheric circulation, from water to food and soil, and in all aspects we are involved in. 

The use of pulp molded packaging can break this negative cycle. Because the material is natural, its degradation rate is also very fast. After testing, No matter in the open or landfilled state, pulp packaging can achieve severe or complete decomposition, which greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by packaging.
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