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How many application examples of pulp molding are there?

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Update time : 2021-12-17
After more than 40 years of development, the pulp molding industry has revolved around our daily lives.

With the advancement of intelligent equipment technology, the pulp molding process has achieved rapid development, and a large number of application have emerged, which has triggered a blowout in the pulp molding industry.
Moreover, the continuous implementation of bans and restrictions on plastics around the world has made this unpopular industry become experience a revolutionary growth.
pulp molding industry application
pulp molding industry application
pulp molding industry application
Four advantages of pulp molded products:
1. The raw materials are waste paper, pulp, sugarcane fiber, bamboo fiber and straw fiber, etc., including cardboard, waste carton paper, waste white border paper, wheat stalk, rice straw, corn stalk, cotton stalk, straw, bamboo, sugar cane Slag, etc., come from a wide range of sources, and are produced in large quantities every year. Unreasonable use may cause harm to the environment.

2. The production process is completed by pulping, adsorption forming, drying and shaping, post-processing such as printing, etc., which is reasonably controlled and harmless to the environment.

3. It can be recycled and reused, and it can be completely degraded when it is discarded.

4. The volume is smaller than foamed plastic, can be overlapped, and the transportation is convenient.
pulp molding industry application Nursery pots

The advantages of molded pulp products is that they are derived from natural fibers, return to nature with zero pollution, and become a organic part of nature. It is truly taken from nature, returning to nature, not polluting the environment throughout its life cycle, degradable, and fully conforming to the concept of environmental protection.
Cases of Pulp Molded Products in Various Application:
1. Agricultural products packaging. Including original ecological egg tray, fruit tray, vegetable and meat packaging and so on.
pulp molding Application egg tray
Egg Tray
pulp molding Application fruit tray
Fruit Tray
pulp molding Application Vegetable tray
Vegetable Tray
pulp molding Application egg carton
Egg Carton
2. Food packaging. This category includes fast food and food packaging (fast food boxes, beverage cups, cup lids, coffee trays, packaging boxes, etc.), supermarket food packaging (vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc.), and frozen food packaging (dumplings) , Steamed buns, steamed buns, glutinous rice balls), dried fruit packaging, biscuit packaging, cheese packaging, etc. 
Pulp Molded Tableware
Pulp Molded Tableware
Pulp Molded Cup and Lid

3. Seedling packaging, including seedling trays, seedling trays, seedling trays, e-commerce flower trays, functional seedling substrates, such as: desert water-preserving nursery trays, saline-alkali soil nursery trays, balcony nursery substrates, etc.
Seedling potSeedling pot
colorful Seedling pot

4. Industrial packaging, including luxury packaging, cosmetic packaging, electronic product packaging, small home appliance packaging, heavy product packaging, chemical product packaging, logistics packaging, e-commerce buffer packaging, fashion fast-moving consumer packaging, etc.
Industrial packaging
Industrial Packaging
pulp molded gift box
Pulp Molded Gift Box
Pulp Molded Milk Powder Spoon
Pulp Molded Table Lamp Shell
Plup Molded Shoe Box
Plup Molded Shoe Holders
Pulp Molded Chair
Wine Packaging
5. Medical packaging, packaging of disposable medical and sanitary products, packaging of disposable surgical products, etc.
6. Cultural and creative products, gifts, educational supplies and tourist souvenirs.
Plup molding Travel portable tea set

7. Decoration, travel, household and furniture products.
8. Container packaging products, including detergent packaging, wine packaging, water packaging, yogurt packaging, medicine packaging bottles, milk powder packaging bottles, milk powder spoons, etc.
pulp molded wine bottle 

9. E-commerce, takeaway, express packaging.
10. Other categories, such as pet supplies, children's toys, office supplies, artwork, and paper sprue pipes.
 pulp molding application examples

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