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Depth analysis: production process of egg tray / box pulp molding equipment

 In the wholesale egg product farmer's market, we can usually see unremarkable egg trays or egg box packaging, which are stacked with neat and delicate egg products, and thousands of eggs are stacked layer by layer. And transported to all parts of the country by truck. Seemingly simple packaging, but its production process is much more difficult than we thought.

 The production process of egg trays usually includes four parts: pulping, forming, drying and packaging. The egg carton making machine is a new pulp forming line transformed from egg tray equipment. The production process covers the production process. The production process of the paper egg tray machine, so after the egg tray is dried, the production process of the egg tray should be increased before packaging. Next, let us discuss the processing flow of egg carton.


 1.Pulping system

 The pulping system is the first step in the pulp molding process and is an important part of the entire paper industry, with the aim of making waste paper into pulp. Usually, in the process flow, the raw materials of the egg tray and egg box (such as used newspapers, books, office waste paper, etc.) are first placed in a hydraulic pulper to be stirred and pulverized. At this time, there are more impurities in the pulp, so it is necessary A smoother, more uniform pulp can be obtained by impurity separation, screening, sand removal and spalling. In order to give the product special functions (such as waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, etc.), it is necessary to add a small amount of functional additives to the slurry tank for slurrying, and add water and white water for production. Because pulp is used in various production processes, the purity of the pulp directly affects the damage of the equipment, so a powerful pulping system is very important for the entire process.

 At the same time, in addition to these machines, it is necessary to build some pools. The number of pools is related to the size of the production line, especially the amount of pulp required for production.

 2.Molding system

 The molding system is the second and core part of the pulp molding production process. The system mainly includes vacuum pumps, air compressors, pulp molding machines and cleaning equipment. Among them, the pulp molding machine is the key equipment of the molding system, and it is also the direct cause of the different manufacturing processes of the egg tray and the egg carton. In addition, the vacuum pump helps to shape, while the air compressor is used to remove the wet product from the mold. After the wet embryo is demolded, the cleaning equipment is quickly and neatly rinsed to maintain the mold-to-machine and ensure the quality of each final product. average. The equipment process needs to be carried out in an orderly and precise manner, so as to ensure the continuity of production.

 3.Drying system

 After the wet embryo is demolded, it needs to be dried. Among them, in the history of drying process, there are a variety of drying modes to choose from. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving natural drying methods (ie drying, drying or drying in the sun) are usually not selected by the public because of their low drying efficiency, so manufacturers are more inclined to choose efficient drying processes within the range of production costs. That is, using coal, fuel oil and gas as fuel, the heat is transferred to the inside of the drying line through a heat medium such as steam or heat transfer oil, thereby drying the egg box wet embryo and passing it to the next process.

 4.Packaging system

 Different products require different packaging equipment. The packaging equipment commonly used for egg box (paper) products is a packaging machine, a counter and a hot press. At the same time, the packaging system is also a different process between the egg tray process and the egg box process. Because the unit price of the egg box is usually slightly higher than the cost of the egg tray, the egg box product requires a better appearance and quality, so before the egg box is packaged, we usually set the hot press before the packing process and the egg. The box product is reshaped to obtain a higher quality egg box.

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 Finally, egg tray machines using pulp forming equipment can recycle waste and reduce pollution. Everyone knows that most egg trays are made of waste paper, and the egg tray machine integrates these fertilizers together. The formation of the egg tray is in line with the modern people's concept of life, which not only reduces waste of resources, but also protects the environment. In today's society, egg food has become an indispensable object in daily life. The increasing sales of eggs have also promoted the use of by-products (eg egg trays). After delivery of eggs, there should be no less than one egg tray. The sales of egg tray manufacturing will also increase.

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