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Three highlights of pulp molded products

The pulp molded product is a recyclable, pollution-free three-dimensional type that uses plant fiber or waste paper and other recycled pulp as the substrate. It is formed by pressing on a special special net mold through a unique process. And special additives. Paper products, and various paper packaging products and paper products can be produced by changing the shape of the mold.


Its raw materials are widely used in comparison with plastic, metal, glass and other packaging materials. It has no environmental pollution during production and use. It is listed as the first packaging material and is one of the most promising green packaging materials. It is also the ultimate substitute for petroleum by-products. The ideal environmentally friendly product of EPS plastic is one of the pollution-free environmentally friendly products recognized by the global industry.

From the process of raw material extraction, processing and drying, finished product use and recycling of pulp molded products, we have summarized the three excellent characteristics of pulp molded products through trial and error.

1.Wide range of raw materials

The raw materials of pulp molded products can be divided into two categories according to the function of the products: one is the processing of pulp boards from plant fibers such as reeds and sucrose. These materials are widely distributed in China, pollution-free, and inexhaustible. Inexhaustible, mainly used to produce disposable tableware, medical utensils, etc.; the other is recycled waste paper (also known as secondary fiber) as raw material, its low price, recyclable, mainly used for the production of egg trays and General industrial products packaging lining, etc.

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2.Good protection performance, good cushioning, toughness and light weight

Since the pulp molded product has the support rib design, the buffering cavity is formed, so that the paper wall can be elastically deformed when receiving the impact, thereby slowing down and canceling the external force, and functioning as a shock absorbing buffer; at the same time, the existence of the buffering cavity also enables The weight of the paper mold package product is reduced, and the consumption of raw materials is reduced. In general, the thickness of the pulp molded product does not exceed 5 mm. For the pulp molded product used for the heavier product packaging, a certain amount of reinforcing ribs are added to the appropriate portion to give a higher overall strength and Good cushioning performance.

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3. No pollution, can be recycled and utilized

Pulp molded products can be completely biodegraded or recycled by themselves in the short term after use, thereby reducing resource consumption and protecting the ecological environment. The production mode of pulp molded products is a process of repeated circulation of materials such as “resources-products-renewable resources”, which achieves high utilization of natural resources and low emission of waste, and fundamentally solves the environment and development of pulp Sharp conflict.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, more than 40 countries and regions in the world have gradually implemented different levels of plastic bans. Pulp molding has entered the development stage of the packaging industry and has become a "darling" of the development of the packaging industry. . In addition, thanks to the improvement of the production process of pulp molded products and the development and application of functional additives, its application field has gradually expanded to the sales and packaging of certain consumer electronic products, and expanded to certain furniture fields, becoming "paper Furniture". I believe that the future application space of pulp molding products will be more and more extensive.

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