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Technological process of pulp molding products

With the rapid development of science and technology, my country's pulp molding technology has been continuously improved under the transformation of technical personnel, to a certain extent to make up for the shortcomings of the development of China's pulp molding industry. Although China's pulp molding industry has only a decade of history, its processes are streamlined and advanced.

The process of pulp molded products mainly includes five parts:

First, slurry processing (pulp making → pulp making → forming pulp) is performed.

Straw straw, bagasse, wheat straw, waste paper, etc. are used as raw materials, after being crushed, refining, etc., through physical processes, the fibers are suspended in water, and the raw pulp fibers are blended in the pulping process according to the characteristics of the preset products. The length and the original slurry are concentrated, a certain amount of chemical auxiliaries are added, and a series of auxiliary operations are carried out to form a pulp which meets the production requirements (the raw materials may be wet pulp, dry pulp or waste paper depending on the product), and the concentration is adjusted and then transported. To the molding machine.

Second, forming

On the molding machine equipped with the mold, the wet paper blank is formed by vacuum adsorption or pressure grouting, so that the original pulp fiber forms the shape set by the mold, wherein vacuum adsorption molding is the most common and most effective one, and then the molding is performed. The wet paper blank is removed from the film into the next process.

Third, drying

The wet paper blank is placed on a hot mold or placed on a conveyor belt and transported to a drying box for hot pressing drying. The drying process mainly uses fuel, oil, gas, electricity or steam, heat transfer oil or other medium as a heat source to heat the air. The molded pulp molded article is dried in hot air, and evaporated water is extracted from the product by a fan to accelerate the drying effect.

Fourth, Shaping

After the pulp product is formed and dried, it is basically formed, and then the heating plate is heated by an electric heating plate or other heat medium (such as heat transfer oil) to make the pulp product mold have a high temperature (150-250°C), and then pneumatic or hydraulic pressure is used. Squeeze the carton products under high temperature and high pressure to make the product shape neat and beautiful, and obtain better toughness, so as to have better impact resistance.

Fifth, pack your clothes

Finally, the paper products produced through a series of processes are inspected, packaged and stored. Among them, according to the characteristics of different products, manual packaging or automatic packaging machine can be used for counting and packaging.

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