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The reason why use pulp molding

There is only one earth, it is the cradle of human civilization, human homeland, and human society, and this blue planet inhabited by humans has entered the 21st century. In the new century, the problem of plastic pollution has become a global problem urgently solved by mankind, which has seriously affected the survival and development of mankind. There is an urgent need to find alternatives to plastic-molded products.

Pulp molding is a combination of traditional and future’s modern packaging materials, and its impact on the environmental load is very small, with excellent cushioning performance, personalized design and 100% recycling capacity, make the products of pulp molded become the choice of many industrial manufacturers. As early as 100 years ago, packaging products made of formed paper fibers were available, and the first proposed for pressed fibers dates back to 1903. At the time, Martin Keys of Maine, USA, began producing pastry-formed panels. The idea of putting fresh eggs in a special pulp molded package emerged in 1931 because of the excellent shock absorption capacity of the resulting fibers. Since the 1990s, it has been widely used in industrial and packaging enterprises.

Pulp molded packaging can not only meet the requirements of modern industrial packaging, but also reduce NOx and COx emissions, thereby minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment. This means that molded fiber is a sustainable product that is completely biodegradable and meets ISO 14000 and EU environmental standards. Therefore, pulp molded packaging will become an inevitable trend in the world.

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