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Development and Application of New-type Environment-friendly Packaging Material for Pulp Molding

As the French philosopher say, "Waste is the dislocation of wealth". There is a lot of garbage is generated every day in our lives , one third of which is paper products. However, every precious piece of paper used to be a tree. It used to have thick branches and towering appearance. Each piece of waste paper should be handled gently, and should exist permanently in another form, just like a beautiful new environmentally friendly pulp molded product.

Pulp molded products are made of carton trim, newsprint, white pure wood pulp, etc., which are pulped and blended into a certain concentration of pulp, vacuum-adsorbed and compressed on a special mold, then after the drying of different types and uses of lining packaging products.The packaged product has the geometric shape and the good shockproof, anti-shock, anti-static and anti-corrosion protection effects matched with the appearance of the package. After testing by various physical indexes, its performance and efficacy are sufficient to replace and exceed the foaming (EPS) 、PS and PVC packaging products, and have an advantage in indicators and functions such as anti-shock function, environmental protection, price and anti-static. Widely used in lining packaging for electronics, home appliances, industrial instrumentation, mechanical parts, electrical tools, computers, home appliances, glass, ceramics and agricultural products.

In recent years, pulp molded products have developed rapidly, with its good shock resistance, waste utilization, environmental advantages and cost of recycling, easy decomposition and pollution-free, and lower cost than traditional packaging (EPS) foams. It is favored by foreign investors, joint ventures and domestic import and export enterprises in China.The pulp molding industry packaging industry has developed rapidly. At present, more than 1000 kinds of products have been developed, involving household appliances, communication equipment, computer accessories, hardware tools, toys, ceramics, glassware, lighting, food, medicine, cosmetics, agricultural products and many other

With the continuous development of the world economy, people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement and strengthening of environmental protection measures. Protecting resources and environment and creating a good space for survival and development are the basic strategies for implementing sustainable development and achieving good development of the global economy! At present, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other regions and countries have legislated to prohibit the import of industrial products for foam (EPS) packaging, or to increase several times the environmental tax to restrict and phase out the import of foam packaging materials as packaging products. Actively advocate the use of green packaging, the formation of green trade barriers. Therefore, the use of green packaging, will be a global trend of necessity.

HGHY believes that the continuous development of green packaging technology can provide more environmentally friendly and safer packaging for more industries and make human society more friendly and beautiful.

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