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The 7 points tell you, why do company replace their products with pulp molded packaging?

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Update time : 2022-12-01
1. Attitudes towards social development and global environmental protection
According to data released by the Royal Statistical Society, the proportion of unrecycled plastic waste in the world is as high as 90.5%. Among such a huge amount of plastic waste, only 9% is recycled, and only 12% is incinerated. Most of the remaining plastics will be landfilled or flow into the ocean, and it will take as long as 400-500 years to degrade to become harmless to nature and the biological chain. On April 26, 2022, the People's Daily published a report titled "Low-carbon life with you and me" in the ecology edition. The report pointed out that a market foundation should be provided for degradable tableware.
The hazards of disposable plastics, and the global plastic restriction order to strengthen the use of plastics, carbon emission tax, 2030 carbon peak topics are becoming more and more popular, and the market demand for environmentally friendly packaging is increasing, so that major companies are also constantly Looking for new packaging materials for sustainable development, pulp molding, as a 100% plastic-free, fully degradable environmentally friendly product, undoubtedly fundamentally solves the problem of plastic pollution.
2. Absolute advantages of pulp molded packaging
Pulp molding raw materials use plant fibers such as bagasse and bamboo residue, which have the ability to be regenerated in a short period of time. In addition to its own environmental protection, it does not need to cut down a tree, and the amount of raw materials used is far lower than traditional gift boxes such as handmade boxes. The carbon emission is lower. By comparison, it is found that for gift boxes of the same size, the amount of pulp molding raw materials used is only half of that of traditional gift boxes.

3. Pulp molded products are biodegradable! Compostable!
Under normal circumstances, pulp molded products discarded in the open air within three months can be completely degraded and composted under natural conditions. Protect the environment and prevent white pollution!

4. Compared with traditional packaging boxes
Traditional handmade boxes, iron boxes, and plastic boxes violate the requirements of environmental protection in terms of raw materials. Most of them contain harmful substances such as PVC and acrylonitrile, which will cause irreversible damage to the ecological environment after being discarded. There are more than 300 million tons of plastic, of which about 2 million to 8 million tons of plastic will enter the ocean. These marine garbage have also seriously affected the ecological environment of the seabed. The hazards of plastics, iron boxes bring high carbon emissions, and wooden boxes cut down a lot of trees.

5. Enhance brand responsibility and values
From the perspective of product form, pulp molding gives more options for packaging shapes. Traditional packaging cannot or is difficult to achieve various special-shaped boxes. The differentiated shape comes with high-end attributes, which is what most international brands are willing to use now. One of the most important reasons for pulp molded packaging is that often the packaging of the product can well reflect some of the attributes of the product itself.

A packaging shape that fits the product makes it easier for consumers to accept and understand product performance. At the same time, pulp molded packaging From the touch, it can give the brand a differentiated characteristic! Environmental protection features also make him more sought after by people.

6. Design unlimited play space
Pulp molding can be used to make special-shaped boxes because of its characteristics, not only that, but also has a variety of outer packaging process options, such as bronzing, UV, Sigaudi, envelopes, embossing, etc., allowing your designers to have unlimited ways to play.

At the same time, compared with the complex and cumbersome production process of traditional packaging, pulp molded products are integrally molded and fully automatic production is achieved by using machines, which can save labor costs to the greatest extent and improve production efficiency. The cost of pulp molded packaging will be much lower in the future in traditional packaging!

7. What can pulp molded packaging bring to the product?
From Tencent’s 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift box, to Weilai’s Dragon Boat Festival zongzi gift box in 2022, to Douyin’s [ByteDance] 2022 company’s zongzi gift box. It is not accidental that large companies choose pulp molded packaging, but the trend of the times. Sustainable development is real development! As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to strengthen, environmentally friendly packaging products will become more and more popular in the future. If you have a good product! Do you want it buried under mediocre packaging?
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