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The Pulp Moulding History

The Pulp Moulding Industry has developed for more than 80 years in some developed countries.At present, pulp molding industry has a certain scale in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Iceland, Singapore and other countries.Among them, Britain, Iceland and Canada are large in scale and mature in technology.

The Pulp Molding Industry started late in China. In 1984, China Packaging Corporation Hunan Pulp Molding Factory invested over 10 million yuan to bring in a Rotary Production Line from french company El mainly used for producing egg trays.This is the beginning of the China Pulp Molding Industry.

In 1988, the first pulp molding production line independently developed by China was launched, ending the history of pulp molding equipment reliance on imports.

Before 1993, China's pulp molded products mainly consisted of egg trays, beer trays, and fruit trays. The products were single and of low grade, mainly distributed in Shanxi, Hunan, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, and Northeast China.

After 1993,due to the eastward movement of the world's processing industry, the export products of foreign companies in China were required to use environmentally friendly packaging.Pulp molded products began to develop into lined shock-proof packaging of Electronic devices, household appliances, instrumentation, hardware tools, communications equipment, food, medicine, cosmetics, toys, agricultural products, daily necessities, lighting and other industrial products.In terms of cushioning and protection performance of the packaging, it can be comparable to white foam plastics (EPS) in a certain range,and it’s cheaper than EPS.It was quickly accepted by the market.First, it developed rapidly in Guangdong, then in east China and north China.

Since 1995, the pulp molding industry in China has a new leap, that is pulp molding disposable tableware products. After years of hard work, the technology and equipment of China pulp molding disposable tableware have developed rapidly.  In terms of varieties, all kinds of tableware (such as fast food box, cups, dishes, dishes and bowls of various sizes) required for cold and hot meals have been developed. All kinds of food dishes used in supermarkets can fully meet Chinese dietary habits in terms of performance, and can hold hot soup, oil and water without leakage. Since then, the pulp molding industry has grown and expanded rapidly in China with its environmental vitality. By the late 1990s, it began to move towards scale and industrialization. At present, China pulp molding products represented by pulp molding industry packaging have taken the China pulp molding industry to a new height and become an important part of China packaging industry, especially environmental protection packaging.

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