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 HGHY overview

HGHY Joint Venture With The Famous South china university Of Technology Paper Making College Enable

HGHY to Lead In The  Expertise Of World Pulp Molding Technology.our company is specialized in  develop-

ing and manufacturing pulp molding(molding) machinery, pulp molded packaging products and  pulp  mould

die/tooling designs. It  has gained the most  advanced pulp  molding technology  and has nearly all types of 

pulp  molding  equipments used  in the world. And has gained  the certificates of  ISO9001 and CE Marking.

With advanced technology,  excellent  quality, competitive price, considerate after-sales service, HGHY has

gained more and more customers all over the world and has  become an important international  supplier in

the pulp molding industry.  


Our machine

Including fully automatic and  semi-automatic, mainly in fully  automatic. Automatic

production line including automatic pulping system,forming system(12 faces rotary

machine, 8  faces rotary machine, 4  faces  rotary machine、reciprocating forming

machine),drying system(multi layer  dryer,single layer  dryer), products  conveying

and stacking  system, automatic stacking  and  counting system - Fully  Automatic

Pulp Molding  All-In-One Machine ,This  type of machine works fully  automatically

and integrates molding, drying and heat-pressing all-in-one.

There are 4 kinds out of this type now.

First kind, fully automatic machine applied for ordinary fine pulp molding industrial packaging products. ZF22

0- 7570 Fully  Automatic  Finery  Machine  Ordinary  Fine Industrial Packaging  Products . Second kind, fully

automatic  machine  applied  for  ordinary  fine  pulp molding egg  box (fruit trays). Third kind, fully automatic

machine applied for draft angle high quality fine pulp molding industrial packaging products. Fourth kind,fully

automatic machine applied for pulp molding tableware.All kinds of pulp molding molds 


HGHY Subsidiary Company

 1.head office over view

 2.Machinery Factory Over View 

 3.Molds Factory Over View

Focus on:egg tray machine,pulp molding machine, paper egg tray machine, paper pulp tableware machine,pulp thermoforming machine,pulp molding dies,etc.
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