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Tableware Smart Machine

Auto Robot Arm
Tableware Smart Machine



 Main Features 

The Auto Robot Arm Tableware Smart Machine is mainly suitable for the production of disposable pulp molded tableware, medical care appliances, high-grade industrial shockproof packaging and other products. The pulp molding production line consisting of a fully Auto Robot Arm Tableware Smart Machine has the following characteristics:

- Cost-effective smart system
- Flexible and precise production and operation
- Safe and simple Operational maintenance 
- Modern remote intelligent production monitoring

 Main Specifications 




Six-axis robot  x1,

Reciprocating Forming Stage  x1,
Hot-press Stage  x1,
Auto trimming machine x1,
Auto counting stacker  x1.

Platen Size


Forming Type

Reciprocating Forming

Heating Type

Thermal Oil or Electricity or Steam

Max. Pressure

30 Ton, Hydropneumatic 

Max. Product Height

100 mm

Product Transfer Type
External robot auto transfer
Max. Trimming Pressure
60 Ton, Hydropneumatic

Control By

PLC + Yaskawa robot controller

Designed Capacity

600 KG/Day


* The above specification is for reference only, due to continuous technology development, data will be updated from time to time.
* Pulp Molding Equipments are non-standard equipments, we are able to provide customized solution according to specific requirements from customer.
* Welcome to contact us anytime, our professional team will provide more effective help and supports for you.

Typical Production Line

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